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Live stream Lessons Available, Whatsapp/Message/call 82016330

If you concerned about your child's grades, look no further:
80% A1/A1* for Year 4 term 1 test 2022
90% A/B for 2020 A levels
87.5% A/B for 2021 A levels

If you are looking for High Quality Physics Tuition for your child, You have come to the right place! 

Mr Er's method of learning Physics aims to deliver CONFIDENCE in your child.

How is he able to do it? 

1. Experienced MOE Teacher in teaching Physics - Understands what is important for your child to excel in physics. *Taught in River Valley High School for 7 years!

2. Taught before in Both IP and O Level Schools. Understands that there are no weak students in physics. Concepts can be broken down into steps to learn how to apply. (Most teachers in schools are too busy to break it down for students)

3. Inspires Confidence through success and practice - Very well curated notes and practice that helps builds students' confidence in dealing with physics. Students will eventually be excited to even try more challenging physics questions!

Don’t take my word for it! Look at the Testimonials from Mr Er's satisfied students below.

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B4 to A2 in 3 months

River Valley High School

Mr Er's Physics lessons are always fun and engaging, with small but fun experiments that I can relate to in my daily life. Lesson notes are always condensed and Mr Er always makes sure that they consist of only the essentials. All in all, Mr Er's lessons have made me extremely confident of my physics.

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Tan Ke Yi 

D7 to A1 in 7 months

River Valley High School

Mr Er provides us with his own notes and practices, in which he will teach us the concept of the topic and provide us with practices to better understand and apply our knowledge of the topic. He would also give us tips on how to answer specific questions which are really effective for our exams

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A2 to A1* in 3 months

River Valley High School

Mr Er's notes,resources and the way he teach helps me develop my interest in physics and allow us to fully grasp the concept of the topics in physics. He is also a very nice and approachable teacher and would attend to our needs when we have questions about physics even out of tuition when we are at home.


Wee HIan

F9 to A2 in 6 months

Catholic High School

Mr Er’s physics lesson is very engaging and he is able to bring out the topics key ideas, which I am unable to capture in class. My school teacher teaches too fast across all topics and is difficult to understand and catch up. Mr Er is able to explain break down complex topics into simpler concepts and it helps me understand and enjoy the subject even more. 

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Yee Xin

A2 to A1 in 1 month

River Valley High School

Mr Er is a friendly and an easy-to-approach teacher. He doesn’t stick to just one method of teaching but switches around when students don’t understand what he is getting at. He also evaluates different ways of approaching a question and doing it, so that we are able to choose one that fits us individually.

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Rui jie

A2 to A1* in 3 months

River Valley High School

I feel that the way Mr Er teaches is very precise and concise, so I am able to pick up the key learning points very quickly. The lessons are able to help me better understand the topics. Mr Er also specifically targets common exam questions so that we will be well prepared for tests.

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C6 to A2 in 3 months

River Valley High School

After joining his tuition, I started to understand more about physics, and learn to enjoy physics. The notes and resources that Mr Er gives are very useful as it explains better about the topics, and there are many questions and exercises that are given that allows me to practice more and be better at the topics. His classes are also relaxing as he will give us some snacks to encourage us to continue to do the questions whenever we feel tired. I am very thankful for Mr Er for being a caring and nice teacher, and allowing me to have a better understanding on the different topics.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-23 at 11.02.00 PM

Xin Ying

D7 to A1* in 3 months

River Valley High School

I feel that his tuition is very useful as there are a lot of worksheets and practices provided and Mr Er will come to you if you need help so that you can ask him personally if you have any doubts. You should try out this tuition to see for yourself.

Shao Zhi.jpeg

Shao Zhi

B4 to A1 in 3 months

River Valley High School

I have been attending Mr Er's Physics tuition classes for the past few months and my grades have improved significantly from a B4 to A1. Before joining physics classes, my physics standard was quite bad and i could not understand despite listening attentively in lessons. Due to the bad grades, it made me dislike physics even further. However when i attended Mr Er's tuition, it allowed me to better understand the topics and made me develop an interest towards physics. This made me more passionate when it came to doing physics and attending his lessons. He also explains well and patiently whenever students have any queries. Other than content, he also teaches exam skills for physics and this allowed me to identify question types and solve it with ease. Ever since joining his lessons,Physics has became one of my favourite and strongest subjects. I definitely would recommend him to my friends and tell them how effective his teaching is!



F9 to A2 in 10 months

River Valley High School

Mr Er's physics lessons are engaging and he often concentrates on various exam techniques to help us tackle physics questions easily. He provides useful notes and resources accumulated from many years of experience. Initially, I was a lot weaker than my peers, so Mr Er offered to give me extra sessions, allowing me to learn at a more suitable pace. This helped me understand physics better and hence resulted in a great improvement. Mr Er is a patient and funny teacher who takes care of our learning such that all the students are improving steadily.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-23 at 11.02.01 PM

C5 to A2 in 5 months

Zi Hui

River Valley High School

I’ve been with Mr Er’s physics class for 5 months and my physics grades have improved from C5 to A2! Mr Er’s lessons are very enjoyable, but also enriching at the same time. Mr Er provides us with compilations of practice questions and simplified notes to aid us in our revision. It has helped me develop a better habit in organising and learning about physics. He also frequently messages us to check on our progress in physics, and organise extra lessons in order to further guide us with school work and revision.

Jia Zhi.jpeg

B4 to A1 in 5 months

Jia Zhi

River Valley High School

Mr Er is a very patient teacher. He is willing to use his own time for one to one consultations to explain complicated concepts that we do not understand. In class, he always makes sure everyone can follow the pace and would not hesitate to stop to explain any concepts that we are unclear of all over again. He is friendly and approachable so it is comfortable to clarify any doubts we have with him. 

The teaching methods used are clear and easy to follow. key points would always be listed down on the board as the lesson goes on. Diagrams and simple experiments conducted during the lesson help us to understand concepts easily. Doing practices after concepts explanations enhance the understanding of the topic.

The notes and resources from Mr Er have important points bold out for us for easier reference. There are consolidation of main key ideas needed to answer a question which makes revision process much more efficient. The practice questions given allows us to think deeper and help us get the hang of the topic. 

I would strongly recommend you to join Mr Er's class for enriching lessons on physics. The lessons not only help you to understand physics better, but also helps to build more confidence when doing physics. The lessons are extremely fun and enjoyable with zero stress! Credits will also be awarded for those whose effort have paid off when achieving any improvements in physics grade! Sign up for Mr Er's physics class today for fun and enriching physics lessons that will boost your confidence and grades!

Jing tao.jpeg

Jing Tao

From C6 to A1* in Y3 

River Valley High School

Hi my name is Jing tao
I’ve been with Mr Er’s physics class for almost 1 year  months and I’ve obtained  a1*for my physics!
1. Mr Er is a very nice and professional teacher and he always make jokes that makes people laugh. He also teach ahead of the school syllabus and gives us a lot of practice before exams.Last year my physics was only 10/20 which is a bare pass, but after going to Mr Er tuition since December 2018, my physics improved a lot and now i’m able to achieve a1* in common tests. In Mr Er physics tuition i’m able to learn and understand the concepts  very quickly because he has a unique way of explaining things.
2. He is a very good teacher, he can explain the question that one do not understand in many ways and make sure that we understand and know how to do. He also emphasises on the concepts and hopes all of us understand the concepts and be able to apply it in the questions we see.  He do not give us the answer straight away, instead he hopes that we think and be familiar with the process in getting the answer.
3. Mr Er gives us a lot of practices and past year papers to do. All those are useful because it is preparing us for examinations and we will know what we will expect for the tests. We are able to gain experience from doing the practice questions and be more skilful in solving questions.
4. I would tell my friend how my physics improved exponentially. I was able to understand concepts very fast because Mr Er will explain it in the way we can relate easily to. He also gives a lot of practice questions and questions for us to think deeply about to strengthen our understanding. 
5. Mr Er tuition class is not as stressful because we are able to eat inside :D. The stuff he give is very useful and worth our time! After class, i’m also able to ask him questions and he will reply me very fast and explain to me the steps clearly.


Sher Lin

Achieved A1 in 6 months

River Valley High School

I've been with Mr Er's physics class for 6 months and I've obtained A1 for my physics! Mr Er is a friendly and approachable tuition teacher, with a propensity to take on methodical and well-organized teaching methods to facilitate his students in learning physics as a subject. He explains concepts well, simplifying them into ideas that are universally understood. These efficacious teaching methods of his, coupled with a patient and dedicated heart, makes a great recipe to improve one's understanding of the subject, and to clarify any bugging doubts. Learning physics was never an easy process. It used to involve me reading through pages of notes, all the while trying to decipher and comprehend the seemingly complex concepts behind paragraphs of words. This process slowly, but surely, made me begin to lose interest in physics. After a friend's recommendation, I joined Mr Er's physics class, and immediately felt a perceptible sense of relief when I could finally understand physics concepts. I was also blanketed with a feeling of security, because we were made to attempt numerous past year papers in preparation for exams, which has undoubtedly made me more aware of the possible question types that could appear in exams. All in all, I'm incredibly thankful to have found a place to better my understanding of this subject. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-13 at 5.53.05 PM

Yi Ting

C5 to A2 in 7 months (O Lvl)

Nan Hua High School

Hi my name is Yi Ting. I've been with Mr Er's physics class for 7 months and I've obtained A2 for my O lvl physics! Personally, I enjoy the lessons a lot as Mr Er is always very friendly and makes every lesson interesting as he will sometimes bring items related to the topic that he is teaching to let us understand better. He is also very approachable and will explain in the way that I can understand best when I am in doubts. I really like the notes provided as they are very detailed whereas the summary notes are rather concise and good for revision as all the main ideas and keywords are highlighted. I will definitely recommend my friends to go there if they need help with understanding physics as I feel that Mr Er's physics class is somewhere they can have fun learning and grow their passion for physics.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-13 at 5.53.05 PM.


C5 to A1 in 3 months (O lvl)

Schl of Science and Technology

Mr Er is a very dedicated, caring and approachable teacher. He would always ensure everyone understands the topic before moving on. The notes he gave are also very detailed and easy to understand. It helped me a lot when I was revising for my O levels. I remember I was really weak in physics when I entered his class. In just a couple of lessons, I completely understood some topics that I wasn’t confident in previously and cleared away many misconceptions. I would recommend Mr Er to anyone who needs help in physics as he can adjust to every student’s pace and effectively strengthening their weak areas.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-09 at 2.46.42 PM.


A1* in 3 months

River Valley High School

I’ve been with Mr Er for 3 months and I’ve obtained A1* for my physics!

Mr Er is a very open teacher and is very patient in teaching us. He helps us to the best he can and teach us different tips and tricks that can make our learning easier. He also explains things well during lessons and would teach us important techniques to answer questions. When I don’t understand certain topics or concept, i am not afraid to ask because i know that he will not criticise or judge me for not understanding as fast as my peers can. I am also very comfortable in asking him any questions that i need help with as he is always very good in explaining and clarifying my doubts. I struggled to understand the first few concepts of physics and had a lot of doubts. I asked Mr Er repeatedly for explanations and he did not hesitate to help me, allowing me to finally understand and make me confident during the test. The additional practice papers that Mr Er gives out also helps me understand better about the concepts as he would go through the questions in depth, teaching us how to apply various concepts. It also follows the IP module closely and covers whatever that i am required to know. I would definitely recommend Mr Er to my peers because he really helped me a lot and without his guidance for the rest i probably would not even get such a good grade for physics. AND he provides great snacks during class 😬


Oh Huaijing

A1* in 2 months

River Valley High School

Mr Er is an enthusiastic teacher who motivates and encourages his students. He would make sure that I understood everything and would even arrange extra lessons with me before my test to make sure that I am prepared for the test. For every topic, he would give us a set of notes with examples in it and a compilation of past year questions for that topic. Also, for every topic, he would give us a summary sheet for us to look through right before the test. I used to get a maximum of B4 in my physics but after joining his class, my physics grades went up to an A1*! His lessons are very interesting and I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to improve in physics to come for his lessons!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-23 at 11.02.01 PM

I think that Mr Er is a very friendly person, and is someone I’m comfortable with approaching whenever I have questions. One thing I like is that he is patient, and would go through the concepts again and again until we understand it. I think that the notes and resources are really useful and have helped me in my revision for the tests.

B 4 to A2 in 2 months


River Valley High School

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-23 at 11.02.01 PM

Mr Er’s classes have helped me to better grasp the concepts of physics through his patient guidance and strategic teaching methods. My results have drastically improved since I have joined the tuition, from a B4 to an A1! He makes learning physics fun through his engaging lessons and demonstrations, and compilations of  learning resources such as notes and practice papers. This has helped tremendously in my revision as I was previously unsure of how to go about my self-studying. I am very thankful for Mr Er and the care he shows for us students, such as through buying us snacks and arranging extra lessons for those who need more help in physics. I love physics

B4 to A1 in 3 months

Yuu Wei

River Valley High School

Shao Ray.jpeg

Shao Ray

B4 to A1* in 3 months

River Valley High School

I have attended Mr Er's tuition classes for 3 months and my Physics grade has skyrocketed from B4 to A1*.
Mr Er is especially friendly; he is willing to answer any questions or doubts that his students might have and he ensures that all of his students are able to catch up with the class. With his quick and efficient teaching, the class is able to progress very quickly as a whole and everyone understands the concepts clearly. That's something you can expect when you join Mr Er's Physics classes. Mr Er also provides useful notes that help his students better study for tests and ensures that we are ready for each upcoming test. Having questions about topics? You can clarify them at Mr Er's classes. Want that higher grade? Mr Er will quickly train you up. You will not have any worries for Physics after signing up for this class and in fact, it has even spiked my interest for the subject! I would highly recommend Mr Er's physics tuition to all students who need that push in Physics.



D7 to A1 in 7 months

River Valley High School

I've been with Mr Er's physics class for 5 months and my Physics grades have improved from a D7 to an A2.

Mr Er's tuition has been extremely helpful for me. Physics as a subject is tricky to understand at first but with that single push, anyone can do physics. I have been struggling with physics since the beginning of the year. It was to the point that I failed my test in term 2. However, after Mr Er's tuition, I was able to have a better grasp of the various topics. He also provided one to one consults after the tuition lesson. I was able to slowly make improvements bit by bit. Though falling ill before the examination with a high fever, I was able to get an A2 without studying as much I wanted to. This was due to the strong foundation built up from the various lessons, master classes and extra revision worksheets given by Mr Er. The class has a really friendly vibe and we are all not afraid to voice out our lack of understanding. Mr Er also aims for his students to do extremely well so he often tells us examination trends and gives us strategies to boost our overall score. The notes and resources given to his students are all questions from the various schools in Singapore. He personally finds the best questions in order to test our understanding of the various topics to the maximum. I think that physics is something we must understand early in order to excel in it. I have recommended Mr Er's tuition to my close friends to help them get an edge over their peers. I highlighted the free masterclasses along with the extra worksheets given. To top it all off, he gives a 24/7 service in which we can contact him to ask him about questions regarding physics. This tuition is a foolproof way of improving one's understanding of physics. *Snacks provided every lesson to cure the morning drowsiness of attending tuition

Ming you.jpeg

Ming You

F9 to A1 in 3 months

River Valley High School

Mr Er is very patient when teaching and  extremely concerned about students' understanding towards physics concepts. During lesson, he would personally come over and clarify our doubts. He does experiments to help us visualise better. The notes and resources provided are largely relavant to what we learn in the syllabus. Mr Er also provides us with additional worksheets for extra practice. Mr Er arranges consultation sessions to spend time with students who needs more help. I grasped physics concepts more easily with his guidance.



C6 to A1 in 5 months

River Valley High School

Mr Er's class reinforces key concepts that were being taught in school. He prepares us well for tests by providing concise notes and practice papers for better understanding and to aid us in applying what we have learnt. There will be demonstrations when necessary to help us visualize, and engaging lessons to allow for learning through fun. Mr Er is a very patient teacher who is ever willing to clarify our doubts, and he even set aside time for consultation if need be.

Hwee Ting_edited.jpg

Hwee Ting

A1 in 6 months

River Valley High School

Hi my name is Hwee Ting. I've been with Mr Er's physics class for 6 months and I've obtained A1 for my physics! Mr Er is really friendly and approachable and I can always find him to clarify my doubts. Mr Er's lessons are easy to understand and he doesn't rush through topics which allows me to better understand the things taught. The notes and resources provided are really helpful because they consist of explanations and examples for us to practice, and timed practices so we can better prepare for tests. They also allow us to get to know the different question types and how to answer complex questions. I would definitely recommend Mr Er's Physics tuition because it is really just very helpful in general! Mr Er even provides extra help to students who need them, without charges, and there are snacks provided every lesson!


Xin yu

Achieved A1* in 11 months 

River Valley High School

Hi my name is XinYu
I’ve been with Mr Er’s physics class for 11 months and I’ve obtained A1* for my physics!
Lessons are always fun and interesting, and Mr Er always go out of his way for us be be engaged in classes with snacks! Lesson notes are short and compact as Mr Er always pick out the essentials. Fun experiments are carried out for me to better understand complicated concepts. The lesson pace also allows me to learn the most, in the shortest time! If you are ready to ace your physics, this is the place to come!

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-06 at 10.52.48 PM

Chen Di 

A1* in 1 months

River Valley High School

Hi my name is Guan Chen Di. I’ve been with Mr Er’s physics class for 1 month and I’ve obtained a1* for my physics! Mr Er is a very empathetic teacher that understands what his students need in other to ace their tests. He is able to teach students with clarity and layout a good physics foundation for them. The teaching of a topic and quiz regarding the topic will be in the same lesson, this helps me to know what I am lacking in and consult Mr Er to understand the topic better. If a student has been lacking some lessons, Mr Er would proactively update them on the content he has gone through during lessons as well as free of charge sessions for students who are still unclear on/weak in some topics. 10/10 recommendation to a friend.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-04 at 8.29.44 PM.

Jun hao

A1* in 1 month

River Valley High School

I’ve been with Mr Er’s physics class for 1 month and I’ve obtained 32/35 for my physics

In Mr Er’s class, he goes at a slower pace than in class and he often teach us many tips for us to save time during tests and breaks down many concepts for us in great detail. Mr Er also helps his students to prepare for tests by giving extra practices for everyone to familiarise with the questions, so that we would know what to expect and how to tackle these questions. Before joining Mr Er’s class, I was actually unsure about many concepts. After joining, I mastered these concepts with Mr Er’s teaching and practice papers, eventually helping me to score an A1* for my test.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-12 at 4.06.45 PM.

Wai Kei

A1* in 3 months

River Valley High School

I’ve been with Mr Er’s physics class for 3 months and I’ve obtained 30/35 for my recent physics test! Mr Er is a really kind and friendly teacher; he ensures that we have fully understand a certain point before moving on to the other content. He is also an approachable teacher, whom I can always consult with for my physics. He allows his students to send him questions through WhatsApp and will always reply us back with a detailed explanation that I can understand the idea fully. One thing I really like about his tuition is he will tend to crack jokes with us during lesson time to make the lesson more enjoyable! I look forward to his class every week and a bonus is he always buy his students snacks to munch on during tuition which I really appreciate. The notes he provides are beneficial and helps me to study more efficiently. I would definitely recommend Mr Er's tuition to my friend if they need help in physics!

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-05 at 3.24.44 PM.

Eunice Tan

C6 to A1 in 10 months

River Valley High School

I’ve been in Mr Er’s physics class for 10 months and my physics grades improved from C6 to A1. Mr Er would provide us with notes and many practices to help us be more familiar with the various topics. He would also consolidate main ideas for each topic and give us tips on how to answer different questions which is very helpful for exams. I would definitely recommend Mr Er to my friends as it has helped me in understanding physics as a whole and he is always willing to help us with any questions they we have as much as he can.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-12 at 1.20.33 AM.

Jonathan Tan

C5 to A1 in 10 months

River Valley High School

I’ve been with Mr Er’s physics class for 10 months and my physics grades improve from C5 to A1. In Mr Er's class, I enjoy myself very much and find myself learning a lot at a quick pace, making each and every lesson very productive and fun. Mr Er is friendly and approachable, so if I have anything that I am unsure of, I am willing to ask Mr Er for his help and advice. If I have difficulty grasping concepts or understanding the solution to a problem, Mr Er will be extremely patient and take his time to explain to me, thus ensuring that I am at the same pace as the rest of the class. What I like about Mr Er's lessons are that I will receive lesson materials from him that are summarised and more concise, thus making it much easier for me when I am doing my revision in preparation for my examinations. Mr Er will also give occasional tests and quizzes to test our knowledge and clear misconceptions as soon as possible. This provides an opportunity for me to practise what I have learnt, and also find out my standard as compared to the rest of the class. I get a better understanding of what is tested for upcoming tests and examinations, making me fully equipped with the right skills and concepts. As a result, I can constantly improve as the lessons go by. Mr Er was a Physics teacher from River Valley High School and has plenty of teaching experience, so I would recommend him to you to help you master Physics as he is very reliable and experienced. Furthermore, during Mr Er's lessons, he would take the time to buy snacks and drinks for you, so if you have cravings for snacks, feel free to suggest to him.

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