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Frequently asked questions

Classes, Teachers

1. What subjects are taught in Learners' Alley?

Current subjects covered include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computing, ranging from secondary to junior college level. Check out our classes page for more info.

2. What is the schedule for classes?

3. What qualifications do the teachers possess?

Check out our classes page for more info.

Our teachers range from undergraduates to experienced MOE teachers. We ensure all our teachers are of high-calibre in both their respective subjects and in delivering quality education. Check out our classes page to find out more about each teacher.

4. What if I / my child is unable to make it for a lesson?

Students and parents may discuss with the teacher to arrange for make-up classes or arrange for classes via Zoom.

5. Does Learners' Alley offer 1-to-1 tuition sessions?

We believe in the value of a classroom learning environment where students can learn from one another. Students may arrange for 1-to-1 consultations with the teacher beyond lesson time to clarify any doubts they may have in their learning.

Sign-up, Fees

1. What are the tuition class fees? Are there trial classes?

Answer to FAQ 1

2. How do I sign up?

Head over to our Contact page, and use the google form to sign up. You can also leave us any enquiries before signing up via our phone number or through our google form.


1. Where is Learners' Alley located?

We have 2 locations in Jurong East: Main Office: Jurong Gateway Rd, Blk 133, #03-301 Classroom: Jurong Gateway Rd, Blk 133, #04-293 Head to our contact page for more info and a map view.

2. What if I live too far from Learners' Alley?

Answer to FAQ 1

For further enquiries, submit your questions via our google form here.

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